Food Friday: Colțunași

Yesterday for breakfast I had these delicious perogie-like tidbits. Colțunași (colt-soo-nah-she*) are delicious little scraps of pasta wrapped around (in this case) tasty seasoned meat filling. I usually see them served with sour cream.  (See that coffee? I’m so lucky to get that, in this country full of tea-drinkers!)

*pronunciations approximate

Food Friday: dessert pizza?

Okay, this is absolutely NOT a traditional Moldovan food, but it is food, and I ate it in Moldova, so… poftim!


(Poftim means something like “here ya go!” Approximately. )  In case it isn’t clear from the picture, this is a chocolate base with bananas and grated coconut. There may have been some kind of nut paste involved as well. Yum!

(Also, I know it’s Saturday already. Oh well.)

Food Friday: Ardei Umpluț

IMG_1284Baked sweet peppers, stuffed with a wonderfully-seasoned mixture of rice and meat, these particular Ardei Umpluț (“are-day oom-ploot”) have a special feature.  The cook (my future host mom at my permanent site) and her daughter put a tiny sarmale (cabbage roll) in the top of each one where they had removed the stem.  I enjoyed them very much!

Food Friday: Borș

Does the word “borscht” make you think of beet soup?  That’s what I thought, until I was served this tasty soup with cabbage, potatoes, dill and meat (among other ingredients). Asking, I found out that borș (“borsh”) is a soup with a special sour flavoring added to the broth (imagine just a little bit of the sour taste from hot-and-sour soup, mixed in with the flavors above). This ingredient, which is also called borș, is made from fermented wheat bran, and can be homemade or store- bought. It was delicious! 

Food Friday: Mămăligă cu Pește

Do they have grits, in Moldova?  Well, not really, but mămăligă (muh-muh-lee-guh)* is kind of close.  It’s even closer to Italian polenta.  This is mămăligă cu pește because it’s topped with fish (pește; pesh-tay)* under the red sauce and veggies on top.  All in all, it was delicious!

*Pronunciations approximate.