What language do they speak in Moldova?

Hmmm… evidently this turns out to be a complicated question!   While linguists would probably say that the language is basically Romanian, it has also been (and still is) called “Moldovan” by country folk and nationalists, and even the writers of the Constitution.


Curious? Click the picture (and scroll down) for a fascinating brief synopsis of the hows and whys. (I was going to try to explain…. but a fellow blogger has already done an awsome job!  Check it out!) In case you’re wondering, Moldovans did write with the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet during their time as part of the Soviet Union, but reverted to their original, Roman alphabet when they became independent.  Btw,  the picture says: “I am Moldovan! I speak the Moldovan Language!”  

For my fellow language nerds:

Romanian is one of the Romance languages (yay!  lots of crossover with Spanish and Italian vocabulary!), but shows a lot of Slavic influences.  So definite articles are attached to the end of nouns, I have to think about cases, and plurals are irregular.  Also there are either 4 or 11 verb conjugations depending on who you ask (according to Wikipedia).  So…  quite a challenge!  I’m so happy that the Peace Corps will be providing 3 months of  excellent language training!

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