Moldova?  Where is that?  What is it like?  Everyone who hears me mention it immediately has a bunch of questions. (Don’t worry, I didn’t know either. Thank goodness for Google!) So, to start off, here are some Fun Facts:

  • Moldova has faster internet than the USA and 150 other countries.
  • Peace Corps Volunteers in Moldova are more likely to have reliable internet than running water.
  • About 4 Moldovas would fit in Alabama based on the number of square miles!
  • Because of all the political changes in the 20th century, some Moldovans have lived in 3 different countries without ever moving!

    The flag of Moldova
  • Money sent home from family members working outside the country accounts for about a quarter of Moldova’s GDP; one of the highest percentages in the world.
  • Moldova is the least visited country in Europe.
  • The national dish is mămăligă, a corn porridge which is a lot like grits!
  • Moldova’s territory contains an almost-independent state: Transnistria.  It has a president and a currency but is officially part of Moldova.
  • Moldova as a country buys its electricity and natural gas from neighboring countries

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And finally, here’s a video with scenes from the country and the national anthem: