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Paradigm Shift

I walked out of my home this morning and thought, “Goodness, it’s warm today! Maybe I have on too many clothes. Should I take off my hat?” I definitely wouldn’t have had such thoughts in Alabama on when the temperature was 47F. 🙂


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes


Food Friday: Biscuits de Porumb

My host mom loves to try out different treats on me.  When she brought these out she said “these are cookies made with corn flour.” Biscuits de Porumb (beess-cu-eats day pour-oomb”*) just means cookies from corn.  I was curious to try them, and I like them very much.  In my head I call them “cornbread cookies” because they taste kind of like sweet (Jiffy) cornbread only even sweeter, with a denser texture, almost like butter cookies.  img_3564-2

*pronunciation approximate.

P.S.  Yeah, I know it’s Saturday.  Life happens. Deal.  🙂



Food Friday: Tortă de ficat de pui

img_2958Look at this beautiful cake!  Are you as surprised as I am to learn that it’s made of meat? Liver, no less (one of the few foods I really don’t like).  But prepared this way, it’s really good!  Additional ingredients include sauteed onions and carrots, and mayonnaise.  Peace Corps encourages us to always say “yes” to new experiences, and this time I’m really glad I did.  Tortă de ficat de pui (“tor-tuh day fee-caht day poo-ee”*) is delicious!img_2959

Just so you know…

This summer is a very busy time, as we PCTs (Peace Corps Trainees) strive to ingest the tremendous flow of (neccesary, but overwhelming) information.  I have several great ideas that will become thoughtful blog posts whenever I find the time.  Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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