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Word Wednesday: La Revedere

La Revedere (Lah Rev-ed-air-ay) means goodbye. Sadly, I had to say goodbye this week to one of the English Education trainees who had become a close friend.  For reasons beyond her control, she had to return to the States unexpectedly. Because PST is so intense, the trainees tend to become extremely close, so it’s really difficult to say goodbye.  La revedere, my friend, we miss you already!

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Unique, yet United

Last night we were treated to a delicious taste of Moldovan culture.  An enormous feast of traditional Moldovan dishes (see the photos below) was preceded by a marvelous performance of traditional Moldovan songs and dances by a local performance group.  As well as demonstrating unique, traditional (and entertaining) features of their heritage, the group demonstrated the legendary Moldovan hospitality by their enthusiasm and their earnest desire to include us in their celebrations.

After the last dance was performed, they invited the PCTs to participate in a traditional circle dance (in some cases, they literally dragged the Americans by the hand into the circle).  Everyone danced. Everyone smiled and laughed.  As the song ended the Moldovans urged the musicians to play “just one more.” Which we danced together.  Then “just one more” again. (This one involved choosing a partner from the crowd, who knelt on a handkerchief to receive a kiss. Again, the Moldovans enthusiastically included us)!  Finally, it was suggested that the Americans provide a song, so after much fumbling, we produced a so-so rendition of “This land is Your Land”, then a much more rousing version of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!” The musical portion of the evening ended with the musicians interspersed with the PCTs, all talking, not understanding a word, but laughing and hugging goodbye.  I was reminded yet again that, in spite of all the things that divide us – culture, language, customs, oceans – underneath it all we are fundamentally the same.  And we all seek ways to connect with each other.