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Word Wednesday: La Revedere

La Revedere (Lah Rev-ed-air-ay) means goodbye. Sadly, I had to say goodbye this week to one of the English Education trainees who had become a close friend.  For reasons beyond her control, she had to return to the States unexpectedly. Because PST is so intense, the trainees tend to become extremely close, so it’s really difficult to say goodbye.  La revedere, my friend, we miss you already!

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Word Wednesday: Împușcă-mă acum!

Împușcă-mă acum! (“eum-poosh-cuh muh ah-coom”)* means “Shoot me now!” So far, this Peace Corps experience has many awesome moments, including occasional take-your-breath-away events and many moments of quiet satisfaction.  And then there’s that moment when they trot out a really difficult grammar point, and your fellow trainee sums up everyone’s feelings when he asks the teacher for the translation of “Shoot me now!”

*Pronunciation approximate

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Word Wednesday: Vișine

Vișine” (“vee-shee-nay”)* means sour cherries. Right now the cherries are ready for picking. (I’ve discovered that there are sweet cherries, for eating, and sour cherries, for baking.) Yesterday my host family picked two large buckets of vișine and my host mom made compot, a boiled cherry juice. Many families are making cherry plăcintă. Cherries are everywhere!

*Pronunciation approximate