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Word Wednesday: Toamnă

Spring is green.  Summer is bright.

Autumn is yellow.  Winter is white.

Some of the sixth grade English students had to memorize this little poem.  When I first heard it I wondered why yellow was the color they had chosen for Autumn (my experience includes Autumns with red, green, yellow, orange, and mixed-color leaves).  Now I’m seeing the reason.  Check out Toamnă (“Twahm-nuh”*) — Autumn, in Moldova:


(Note that the top middle two pictures are the same place, only 5 days apart. In the second one looooottttss of leaves are now on the ground!)

*pronunciation aproximate


One thought on “Word Wednesday: Toamnă

  1. Hello!
    I am excited to find you early in your escapade! I have aspirations of finding a good time to volunteer in the peace corps, and so far it seems like what you are experiencing is exciting! I love the video of the dancing! A real treat! Good luck out there and all. I have a blog as well if you are looking for someone new to read.

    Wish you the best, and thank you for giving us this privilege!

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