Food Friday: Colțunași

Yesterday for breakfast I had these delicious perogie-like tidbits. Colțunași (colt-soo-nah-she*) are delicious little scraps of pasta wrapped around (in this case) tasty seasoned meat filling. I usually see them served with sour cream.  (See that coffee? I’m so lucky to get that, in this country full of tea-drinkers!)

*pronunciations approximate


Food Friday: dessert pizza?

Okay, this is absolutely NOT a traditional Moldovan food, but it is food, and I ate it in Moldova, so… poftim!


(Poftim means something like “here ya go!” Approximately. )  In case it isn’t clear from the picture, this is a chocolate base with bananas and grated coconut. There may have been some kind of nut paste involved as well. Yum!

(Also, I know it’s Saturday already. Oh well.)

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Word Wednesday: La Revedere

La Revedere (Lah Rev-ed-air-ay) means goodbye. Sadly, I had to say goodbye this week to one of the English Education trainees who had become a close friend.  For reasons beyond her control, she had to return to the States unexpectedly. Because PST is so intense, the trainees tend to become extremely close, so it’s really difficult to say goodbye.  La revedere, my friend, we miss you already!