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So… why am I writing a blog?

“If I cannot do great things, let me do small things with great love!” – unknown**

This phrase was very meaningful to me during my many years as a kindergarten teacher; in fact, it was a succinct expression of my reason for existence.  I think I can safely say that no giant hospitals will ever be named after me, but I also know that Alexander can write his name and Ellie can alexandertie her shoes because I was there to help.  Small things with great love. It was these tiny triumphs, these miniscule miracles that gave purpose to my life as a teacher. I suspect that the same will be true as I enter the Peace Corps, and work towards promoting sustainable change.  Here I hope to share with you the everyday breakthroughs, humdrum marvels; and small things that lend wonder to my days.

“I cannot rest from travel, I will drink life to the lees”– Tennyson

IMG_8074I have had the great good fortune to visit some amazing places recently and I’ve seen some incredible sights (if Iguazú Falls in Argentina isn’t on your bucket list, you should seriously consider adding it). Nevertheless, the thing I find most compelling about travel is seeing all the many ways people have of doing the ordinary tasks of life.  I am thrilled that, thanks to the Peace Corps, I will have an opportunity to get to know Moldova up close, and experience the daily occurences that make its culture distinctive.  I hope that these pages will provide a window for you to join me, to get a glimpse of a far-off land, to become more familiar with its people and their unique way of life.

 “Teaching is a work of Heart” – t-shirt

** This quote has been variously attributed to Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Napoleon Hill.  You decide.  Personally, I found it on a refrigerator magnet.